Shali Siwa Salt

Shali Siwa Salt is an Egyptian company. It takes its name from the oldest fortress in Siwa “Fortress of Shali”. Our mines located in Siwa Oasis, Egypt. We are aware of our responsibility as a supplier of mineral products

Our Products Range


Perfect solution to remote detectionof ice on roads, runways, patios,driveways


High purity and quality industrial use food grade salt


We provide salts in their purest form tomeet the exceptionally stringentrequirements imposed when makingproducts for health and wellness

We also offer luxury products to all consumers like


Coarse Rock Salt&Refined Rock Salt with iodine-non iodine


We offer you the purest form of salt, one of the oldest methods of treatment in human history, for your health
Our quality

We're sure about the quality

We supply our customers from agriculture, industry, consumers, and communities with sustainably extracted and refined salts. Pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide rely on the quality and safety of our high-purity salts for pharmaceutical applications. The crude salts are of natural origin and refined in complex processes to products of the highest purity levels. Besides, they are continuously tested by us for all relevant chemical and physical properties. This includes, in particular, the requirements concerning international pharmacopoeias

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